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Memories of Pind (Village) Baddowal is a nostalgic trip-related by Master Yaqub Malik.  At present, he resides in Pakistan.  Mr. Malik was six years old when he and his family were forced to leave his ancestral village (Baddowal) due to the partition of the country.  Our family helped them safely depart from the  village.  Mr. Malik graciously relates the role that my grandfather and father played in his family’s departure as he goes through this bittersweet memory lane. 

Baddowal Kabaddi Tournament 2020

Kabaddi Tournament being held in the Stadium that was conceptualized and built under the supervision of S. Dalip Singh Grewal, Africawala.  We are so glad that it is become a favorite stadium to host sports functions such as these for the younger generation to enjoy and have fun. All the players are generously awarded with cash and other awards.